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ONE with Thee, Thou Son eternal,

Joined by faith in spirit one,

Share we in Thy death inclusive

And Thy life, O God the Son.

One with Thee,Thou Son beloved,

Part ofThee become through grace,

Heirs with Thee of our one Father,

We’re Thy Spirit’s dwelling place.


One withThee,Thou Son incarnate,

Born with Thee, the Man of worth,

We, the members of Thy body,

Sojourn with Thee here on earth.

One with Thee,Thou Son anointed,

Sharing too the Spirit’s power,

We in full cooperation

Labor with Thee hour by hour.


One with Thee,Thou Son forsaken,

Judgment and the curse we’ve passed;

We to sin are dead forever,

Hell beneath our feet is cast.

One with Thee in resurrection,

Death can never us oppress;

Live we in Thy new creation,

Bearing fruits of righteousness.


One with Thee,Thou Son ascended,

Seated with Thee on the throne,

Thine authority we share and

Rule with Thee,Thy rank we own.

One with Thee,Thou Son returning,

Glorified with Thee we’ll be,

E’er to manifest Thy beauty,

One with Thee eternally.


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