L.A. Bennett

I AM the Lord’s! O joy beyond expression,

O sweet response to voice of love Divine;

Faith’s joyous “Yes” to the assuring whisper,

“Fear not! I have redeemed thee; thou art Mine.’


I am the Lord’s! It is the glad confession,

Wherewith the Bride recalls the happy day,

When love’s “I will” accepted Him forever,

“The Lord’s;’ to love, to honor and obey.


I am the Lord’s! Yet teach me all it meaneth,

All it involves of love and loyalty,

Of holy service, absolute surrender,

And unreserved obedience unto Thee.


I am the Lord’s! Yes; body, soul, and spirit,

O seal them irrecoverably Thine;

As Thou, Beloved, in Thy grace and fulness

Forever and forevermore art mine.


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