J. McGranahan

I WILL praise the Lord my Glory,

I will praise the Lord my Light;

He my cloud by day to cover,

He my fire to guide by night.

I will praise Thee with my whole heart,

Will praise Thee, O Lord;

I will be glad and rejoice in Thee,

O Thou Most High.


I will praise the Lord my Prophet,

Holy Priest and Righteous King;

With the angels who adore Him,

“Holy, holy,” I will sing.


I will praise the Lord my Shepherd,

Keeper, Pasture, Door and Fold;

O’er the lonely hills He sought me,

When the night was dark and cold.


I will praise the Lord my Master,

Saviour, Brother, Guide and Friend;

He thus far in life hath led me,

He will lead me to the end.


I will love Him, I will trust Him,

All the remnant of my days;

And will sing through endless ages,

Only my Redeemer’s praise.


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