E. J Bellerby

SHINE on me, O Lord Jesus,

And let me ever know

The grace that shone from Calvary,

Where Thou didst love me so.

“My child, I am thy Saviour.

’Tis not what thou dost feel,

But Mine own gracious promise,

Which does thy pardon seal.”


Shine in me, O Lord Jesus,

And let Thy searching light

Reveal each hidden purpose,

Each thought as in Thy sight.

“My child, I am thy Searcher,

I try each loving heart,

For I would have most holy

All who in Me have part.”


Shine through me then, Lord Jesus,

That all the world may see

The life I live is Thy life,

And thus be drawn to Thee.

“My child, I am thy Power;

With those who hear My voice

I ever dwell, and use them,

Thus making them rejoice”


Shine out, shine out, Lord Jesus,

Thou light of all the world;

Oh, let Thy Gospel banner

Be everywhere unfurled!

“My child, hast thou forgotten

That name is also thine?

My fruit is borne on branches,

Not by the parent Vine”


Arise and shine, Lord Jesus,

Thou Bright and Morning Star;

I long for Thine appearing,

When peace shall follow war.

“My child, before I gather

My family in one,

Its number needs completing;

Towards this, what hast thou done?”


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