A. C. D.


JESUS hath died and hath risen again,

Pardon and peace to bestow;

Fully I trust Him; from sin’s guilty stain,

Jesus saves me now.

Jesus saves me now;

Jesus saves me now

Yes, Jesus saves me all the time;

Jesus saves me now.


Sin’s condemnation is over and gone,

Jesus alone knoweth how;

Life and Salvation my soul hath put on:

Jesus saves me now.


Satan may tempt, but he never shall reign,

That Christ will never allow;

Doubts I have buried, and this is my strain,

Jesus saves me now.


Resting in Jesus, abiding in Him,

Gladly my faith can avow,

Never again need my pathway be dim:

Jesus saves me now.


Jesus is stronger than Satan and sin,

Satan to Jesus must bow;

Therefore I triumph without and within;

Jesus saves me now.


Sorrow and pain may beset me about,

Nothing can darken my brow;

Battling in faith, I can joyfully shout:

“Jesus saves me now.”


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