R. Palmer

TAKE me, O my Father, take me;

Take me, save me, through Thy Son;

That which Thou wouldst have me make me;

Let Thy will in me be done.


Long from Thee my footsteps straying,

Thorny proved the way I trod;

Weary come I now, and praying.

Take me to Thy love, my God.


Fruitless years with grief recalling,

Humbly I confess my sin,

At Thy feet, O Father, falling;

To Thy household take me in.


Freely now to Thee I proffer

This relenting heart of mine;

Freely life and soul I offer,

Gift unworthy love like Thine.


Once the world’s Redeemer, dying,

Bore our sins upon the Tree;

On the sacrifice relying,

Now I look in hope to Thee.


Father, take me: all forgiving,

Fold me to Thy loving breast;

In Thy love forever living,

I must be forever blest.


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