A.H. Ackley

I HAVE found a wondrous Savior,

Jesus Christ, the Soul’s Delight;

Every blessing of His favor

Fills my heart with hope so bright.

Jesus is the Joy of Living,

He’s the King of Life to me;

Unto Him my all I’m giving,

His forever more to be.

I will do what He commands me,

Anywhere He leads I’ll go;

Jesus is the Joy of Living,

He’s the dearest Friend I know.


Life is growing rich with beauty,

Toil has lost its weary strain,

Now a halo crowns each duty,

And I sing a glad refrain.


Heavenly wisdom He provides me,

Grace to keep my spirit free;

In His own sweet way He guides me

When the path I cannot see.


O what splendor, O what glory,

O what matchless power divine,

Is the Christ of Gospel story,

Christ, the Savior, who is mine.

Copyright 1919 Renewed 1967 Word Music, Inc CCLI# 1.17.1297


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