B. Booth

OH, when shall my soul find her rest,

My strugglings and wrestlings be o’er,

My heart by my Saviour possessed

Be fearing and sinning no more?

For He is almighty, for He is almighty,

almighty to save.


Now search me and try me, O Lord;

Now Jesus, give ear to my cry:

See, helpless I rest on Thy Word;

My soul to my Saviour draws nigh.


My idols I cast at Thy feet;

My all I return Thee, who gave;

This moment the work is complete,

For Thou art almighty to save.


O Saviour, Thy Word I believe,

Thy blood for my cleansing I see;

And, asking in faith, I receive

Salvation—full, present, and free.


O Lord, I shall now comprehend

Thy mercy so high and so deep;

And long shall my praises ascend,

For Thou art almighty to keep.


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