C. Wesley


JESUS, great Shepherd of the sheep,

To Thee for help we fly:

Thy little flock in safety keep,

For, oh! the wolf is nigh;


He comes, of hellish malice full,

To scatter, tear, and slay;

He seizes every straggling soul,

As his own lawful prey.


Us into Thy protection take,

And gather with Thy arm;

Unless the fold we first forsake,

The wolf can never harm.


We laugh to scorn his cruel power,

While by our Shepherd’s side;

The sheep he never can devour,

Unless he first divide.


Oh do not suffer him to part

The souls that here agree:

But make us of one mind and heart,

And keep us one in Thee!


Together let us sweetly live,

Together let us die;

And each a starry crown receive,

And reign above the sky.


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